Friday, August 17, 2012

Stay with me and I'll buy you breakfast

Towards the end of my run, I caught up to George and he said to me, ''stay with me and I'll buy you breakfast.''  This ended up being the perfect incentive for me to finish strong and is quite possibly a metaphor for a happy marriage.  :)

Friday's seem to find me waking up later lately, but today was fine doing so.  I diddled around and enjoyed looking at Chippie's last pics of the VT100 finish line on FB.  When I got out, it was still quiet and cool and crisp.  No one was really up yet, except for one Bradbury Breaker tee like truck.  The truck went past on the dirt road, nicely slowing down to go past me, the young slouched down driver gave me a ''hey'' and as he got past me turned into crazy monster truck.  This made me smile and think of the Breaker.

I enjoy spotting weird things on my run and may tend to pick up things such as a crazy rusted old bed spring..a rusted old tomato cage that looks like a girl with long hair running and today was no different. 

After my little find, I bumped into George and he was holding something in his hand.  As we both passed each other we held up our finds and at the same time we both laughed.   His of course was practical, mine of no use, but I found fascinating.

Needless to say the run was great, over the other to the end, up the hill.  The lake was fun to cross, surprisingly, the water was running high due to all the rain.

OK, time to cash in on that breakfast!

Have a great's awesome out!

Keep dreaming.


Sparkplug said...

Yeah for a good run and breakfast :-)

Jamie said...

Sounds like a fine morning!

Scout said...

I love that you both scavenge :D