Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bouncing along

We headed out a tad before lightness to ensure no stumbles into down wires.  Although we don't have any power, all was well. 

My quick jaunt around was great.  It's extremely warm out with a gentle wind.  The only thing out of place aside from a very few down branches came home with me for fun.  George came upon me, while he shook his head, I just smiled, bouncing along to the buzz of generators.

Keep dreaming!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Candle in the window

Songwriter: JOHN C. FOGERTY
Put a candle in the window, but I feel I've got to move.
Though I'm going, going, I'll be coming home soon,
'Long as I can see the light.

The house was pretty cranked up due to George stoking up the wood stove before he left for work, so I had no idea what the temp or weather was like outside.  For fun, I put a candle in the window prior to leaving in case the wind and rain made it hard to see my way home.

It was quite beautiful out.  Temp actually seemed warmish with a cool not sure if it were rain sprinkles or fog.  Along with a small consistent wind, the perfect conditions for a relaxing run.  I no longer fear the darkness, I've just learned to not think about it.  But today, although the moon wasn't visible, it did seem not so dark, there was a calm lightness.

Enjoyable run!

Keep dreaming!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Found it today and it doesn't get much better.  Hope you do too!
Keep dreaming!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Seeing Beyond

I was happy to get out this morning to do a peaceful run.  I was looking forward to the run, but was even more inspired to get out after reading Pathfinder's post this morning.  I was also determined not to get spooked in the dark. 

It was really dark and foggy.  But I accomplished my goal by just trying not to see beyond.  I happily ran living in the moment, enjoying the present and really not searching for anything out the dark.  If something was going to come eat me, so be it.  I was so in that meditative state a few times I really got disoriented.  It was kind of cool in a weird so of way as I chose it not to be scary.  Overall, a really great run and just what I needed.

Excitement this weekend.  The BBU!!!  So I gotta get ready now as George and I are heading over to help with pre-race prep!!

Hope you all have a beyond great day!

Keep dreaming!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blinking Lights

I was super excited to get up this morning and use the new head lamp George ordered through REI.  It had the blinking light in the back just like Scout's.  Although I really didn't need to have the back blinkers on, I put them on for the fun of it.

As soon as I was out, I realized it was really dark this morning.  The headlight worked great as far as the beam, but I wished I had worn my glasses so I could see as far as the beam was shining. 

I crossed over the lake and immediately saw blinking little lights.   Was it actual lights or little eyes.  I couldn't tell and then realized they were some sort of eyes.  Were they darting towards me, I couldn't tell. I high tailed it back, feeling like I was running madly while I kept glancing back to make sure it wasn't after me.  I continued on and continued to see little eyes everywhere.  I soon wished in addition to the back blinking lights the headlamp had some little warning sound to scare little eyes away from me.  I then wondered if my, ''in case I get lost at the Bruiser whistle'' would have made me feel more secure. 

Towards the end of my run, I finally decided like Squirrel had plotted about ''ice pants'', I would invent an attachment for the headlamp like an old school transistor radio.  If only an ipod could make outside sound, I think that would work.  Something small and with sound surely would scare away those little blinking lights.

Well at least I got out, but I can't say it was the most relaxing run ever.

It's surprisingly warm out, so enjoy your day!

Keep dreaming!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good luck and more

On my run this morning, I glanced down and saw a shiny penny.  So strange at that exact moment there it was.   I'm lucky for much and do often think there are no little things in life.

“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things - a chance word, a tap on the shoulder, or a penny dropped on a newsstand - I am tempted to think - there are no little things”    Bruce Barton

Keep dreaming!






Friday, October 12, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

''Just get out and keep your ears open''  Jedi

I was excited last night to wake up and go out this morning in the dark.  I needed to run and in the dark.

I couldn't find my ipod and started a frantic search.  George said, ''just get out and keep your ears open.''  This was just what I needed.  The sound of the wind, the crunch of the leaves, the different crunch of the pine needles...all of it,  just what I needed.

Hope you too have a day keeping your ears open.  You might just hear what you need to hear!

Keep dreaming!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It is cold!

I got up early enough to ensure 2 hours of running in the dark.  I just love it!  It was really cold and I thought foggy, until I realized it was my breath that was making it hard to see with the head lamp. 

GREAT morning run.  It did amaze me to see a guy on the other side outside smoking a cig. He made me jump.  This seems to be maybe the last hurrah for visitors, I think for some it's a long weekend.  I noticed more cars around the lake this weekend than we've seen normally.

After running, I came home put on long pants and went down to take Cricket out for a run which probably added another mile.  My neighbor was at her daughter's for awhile, but things didn't work out so she's home again, so I'll do what I can to help with Cricket.

I think I'll take a quick ride for a DD Pumpkin Coffee.  A great treat after a decent run!

I thought it was suppose to be rainy today, it surely isn't, so I hope you get out and enjoy this beautiful day!

Keep dreaming!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Trash Run

CMP was out during the week tree trimming. So with things trimmed back it was quite noticable as I ran that I need to do a trash run some day.  I thought about this for most of my run as I was noticing cans and such along the dirt road on the other side.    As I was heading back from ''over the other'',  I  paused to look at the foliage and this rusted and crushed up wire fence or something to see if I could see an image of something in it.  As I was focusing on the wire thingie, I noticed this other wire/metal thing and thought maybe it was a power line something or other.  I looked closer and saw quite the find and of course it needed to come home with me.

Throughout the rest of the run as a carried my treasure with me, I kept looking behind, as I knew at any time, George would come upon me and be shaking his head.  And just as expected, he did and said, ''I'm not saying anything.''  I'll post a pic once I have have it all cleaned up.  It's really a pretty nice brass log carrier and with some imagination has TM footings.  Of course, I'll use it as a wool carrier.  :)

The run about was good, but the trash couldn't have gotten any better!

Hope your day is trashy, in a good way!

Keep dreaming!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Best Day of the Week

George headed out before me and after minimal puttering I headed out.  I love experiencing the difference a day can make.  I developed a migraine yesterday, went to bed super duper early and slept it off. 

With headlamp on I headed out.  I saw another headlamp coming towards me on the other side and remarked to George as we met up, ''isn't it beautiful'' and he replied, ''best day of the week.''  Amazingly it is in many ways.

OUTSTANDING run, especially heading back with George at a quicker pace.

Hope you all experience a ''best day of the week'' type of day!

Keep dreaming!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blinded by the light..

I got out this morning, a tiny tad later than I wanted.  The powers of FB had connected me with a couple of friends from way back and I wanted to respond to their messages.  FB is amazing, but it also often makes me face real life at times and hear but not quite understand that bad things do happen to good people.

I did my up and around and Pace.  While doing pace a car drove by me.  In my head, I did know it was the paper delivery person, but I took precautions by heading into a driveway.  I also ran into my neighbor going to work and his headlights blinded me.  So a bit of obstacle coursing this morning.  I also saw a tiny, tiny pair of shiny eyes...this made me smile today!

The moon is amazing.  When the cloud cover moved, the lightness around me was quite noticeable.  I looked up as much as a could without coming to a halt, the sky was amazing.  It just spoke Fall.  Ahhh...so nice.

OK, time to start another day..well, I still have 14 minutes to dream.

I hope you enjoy a beautiful Maine Fall day!

Keep dreaming!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fresh Air, Times Square

I really appreciate the still dark morning fresh air.  I guess I really, really enjoy night running or at least running in the dark.

After settling back from the world wind NY tour, I surprisingly notice how much the trees have changed in the course of the week.  Although ''I love New York'', it feels so great to breathe crisp Maine air.

It's back at it today, so I got up early and did a quick up and around and Pace.  I saw two little eyes towards the end and I wasn't phased at all. I was so happy to be out. There's just something about having the world to yourself!  Although, I couldn't see the moon, it didn't seem so dark, maybe those city lights are still in my brain.

Have a great day!

Keep dreaming!