Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Fall!

Fall, Fall!

I love the Fall and I love this cooler weather for running!

We did the Bradbury Bruiser last weekend and although a bottom of the pack finish, I finished! G sort of made me do this race to overcome the fear of the "O" trail. I had gotten lost on it in 2007, opted out last year and decided it was time to face my fear. I was pleased to have finished, too bad I wasn't able to hold with the peeps I was running with up until the "O". As usual, in this race series, great time, challenging workout and totally awesome people. Trail races and Trail runners are the best!

On the crafting front, still lots of dreaming going on. Some dolls in the works, as well as stitcheries. I've promised to do a Craft Fair with Toni, so I best get going. Maybe I should start with a list...ummmm.

Fun, busy weekend...5K today and 5 miler tomorrow in North Conway. I hope to fit in the Bonny Eagle Flea Market today either before or after the 5K. I have many fall decorations out already and would like to change up my bedroom curtains and put out some of my other Fall things. The cutest Fall cutie came in the mail from Toni. I have to find the perfect spot for 'him'.

Well off and running...literally!

Keep dreaming!