Friday, September 20, 2013

Customer Appreciation Day

Friday is Customer Appreciation Day at the Village Court Coffee and CafĂ© in Haliburton and all sizes of coffee are $1.00. 

I'm a bit cautious going out too early for a run, since we saw a bear at the up and around part of my run.  So I waited for light and enjoyed a still full moon as I remembered today was Friday and immediately thought of the coffee shop in Hali.

So many great happenings and now memories went through my head as I ran..smiling all the way!  It was a short run as I've had a cold all week which started with a sore throat on Monday, but I enjoyed every step!

I'm looking forward to a nice weekend.  I'm meeting my niece and Baby Jake in Kittery this morning for a bit of walking around and lunch.  We plan on going to the Common Ground Fair tomorrow and hope to finally see Cinder Conk.

The summer was quick, but tons of great things went on this summer.  I need to blog my pacer/crew/support/spectator/laugher at Pete's and the camera crews antics Hali 100 experience because it was awesome!

Have a great Customer Appreciation Day!

Keep dreaming!