Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer is full of running, crafting and dreaming

Summer is full of running, crafting and dreaming!

I will try to be better about posting. I have my finished 4th of July stitchery to post for my (1) loyal reader...'Hi Toni!' Toni, I promise a pic soon as I will need G's help...I think.

I ran the 50K at Pinelands over Memorial Day weekend. Fun day, nice people every where. It is always a great time!

Toni and Gus visited. Toni and I stitched and had a great time.

I've been dreaming mostly of rag dolls...I made (1) for a friend at work. As I try to clean out closets..I keep dreaming of what a great rag doll I can make from old dish towels, G's old shirts and anything tattered and torn. I managed to get rid of a few things for the church fair as I cleaned...but I few things didn't escape the second thought.

Oh life is fun.

Keep dreaming!