Monday, August 20, 2012


I reset my alarm several times before getting up this morning.  I really wanted to run, but couldn't seem to get up.  By the time, I got up, I  had convinced myself I would run during lunch.  I signed on for work for a bit and knew I couldn't be settled until I got out there.  So I decided to head out, I'll just make up the time on the other end.

So glad, I got out.  It was cool and crisp and not a soul was around, until the end of my run.  I figured I'd just do my up and around, but really wanted to go on the other side.  So I did.  I opted to wear a pair of George's socks,..oops, if he reads this he'll know, but my feet felt great.  (Note to self, I think men's socks are made better than women's, look for small men's size.)  After blistering yesterday from the wet, I wasn't sure about crossing the lake.  When I got there, I looked down the runoff and it was easy to cross over without getting soaked.  Not sure why I never thought of doing that other than sloshing through the lake can be fun.  In doing so, I noticed what I think may be bittersweet..could that be?  I'll need to look it up later.  I just love bittersweet, I hope it is.

The run was great and now I can settle back and get to work.

Have the best day!

Keep dreaming!

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