Tuesday, August 7, 2012


After staying up too late watching the Olympics Sunday night, I needed to go to bed super early last night.  In doing so, I got a really great sleep and had a wonderful run this morning.  Amazingly, it was pretty cool temp wise as it was just before sunrise.

I did a quick up and around and 'Pace''.  As I was heading through ''Pace'', I saw Farmer Joe up and outside smoking a cig.  Gave him a ''howdy do'' and headed on home.  George worked a crazy day yesterday and is off today, so I saw him on my way back as he was heading over to NH to do some hiking.  Ummm he's really got something in his mind, wonder what it could be?  :)

It really seems like it is going to a be beauty today.  Hope you all get to enjoy some outside time!

Keep dreaming!

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