Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bean Power

Last night we went to the best ever Bean Supper at Willowbrook in Newfield.  The event was to benefit the historical society.  While at the Farmers Market last Saturday, one of the vendors mentioned it to me, so we thought we would check it out.   Since George had a long run at Bradbury with Scout, Squirrel and Bruce, he was pretty hungry.  All the food was homemade which included at least four different types of  baked beans,  a variety of salads, corn on the cob, hot diggities if  you wanted them and amazing desserts.  George had six desserts.  The woman at the table behind us commented to me , " your skinny man can eat ''.  This totally made me laugh.

So powered by beans in a good way,  I had a decent run.  I noticed the people who don't seem to appreciate running through their land had a no trespassing sign posted, so I took the trail.  The trail was lined with turkey prints and I could see what looked like trail shoe prints.  I'm supposing the trail shoe prints belonged to George.   It worked out great, as I thoroughly enjoyed the trail.  I only had opted not to go on it in the past after one time seeing foxes running from the direction of that trail.

Since yesterday's slog my shoes were still wet, but I figured it wouldn't matter because the lake was still high.  Combined with the wrong socks and a new romp crossing the lake, I got a blister early on, so I took my sock off which helped.  Overall maybe close to two hours on my feet.

New development on the travel adventure front.  Scout and George are registered to run the VC50 and we will be there to watch the TMR 100 milers come in.  I better get my cowbell ready!

Having a relaxing day after a decent run.  I hope you are enjoying yours!

Keep dreaming!


Jamie said...

Oh, that bean supper sounds awesome! Awesome about Virgil Crest. George is a machine and with you crewing for him he's unstoppable!

mindy said...

Bean power!! Have you tried Hydropel for blisters? Works amazingly well. I'll see you at VC! ;)