Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OH MY!!!

I have been away far too long! I never posted my Stone Cat race report. A bit late for that now. I ended finishing almost 1/2 an hour better than the previous year. I was thrilled. Too bad G almost missed me me finish. The winner of the 50 Miler was finishing at around the same time as me, so everyone was waiting for him to come in. I had a blast and I was completely pleased with my run...sorry all the details are just a memory blur.

Well, Spring Time running is finally here. I kept up running throughout the winter. Winter running is the best! We are gearing up to travel to VA in a few weeks. I'm signed up for a 25K and G is doing a 50K. Fingers crossed, I will post about it.

On the crafting front, I am dabbling in cross stitch and love it! I did do a craft fair in Nov. I loved the experience and loved the people who bought my things. Toni did well selling her wares. Overall, we had a fun time and great day.

OK, I'll try once again to post after each run and after completion of each project!

Keep Dreaming!