Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Didn't do it

I didn't get out this morning and I was kind of mad at myself for not getting it done.  It seemed cold and raw out, so I made excuses, but really could have made it out there.  Instead, I did a little spring cleaning.  It felt kind of good I was doing housework and getting some things done at such an early hour of the morning.

Work was work and the end of the day called for a run to sort things out..not to solve, not to dwell, but just to rid.  I thought about Scout and thought this was her deal...she just needs to run.  I ended my run of up and around and to the other and thought..wow, things do happen for a reason..I was meant to run after work today.  I really don't remember much of the run at all..but it was perfect!

Hope you were able or are able to get out and sort some things out today!

Keep dreaming!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Running has a different meaning today.

I opted to run with no music this morning.  I slept a bit later than I wanted, but got out and did the up and around and Pace.  I don't remember much of the run, but it felt great to be out there.

Hope you have a chance to get out there and just run.

Keep dreaming!