Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wicked Awesome Sandwiches, Wicked Awesome Tote

Wicked Awesome Sandwiches, Wicked Awesome Tote

My wish for today was to remain upright. I accomplished this.

We ran the Bradbury Scuffle today. Capped at 160 trail runners, it was a sell out crowd. Ian and Ryan put on, as always, an excellent race. In the past, I've had some decent bumps and bruises at Bradbury. In 2009, I was contender for the best bruise on this course. During the Bruiser in 2008, I got so lost. Only after begging the park ranger by telling him my husband would be worried, he agreed to drive me to the finish line. So I was pleased today to walk away today bruiseless and making it to finish line. I ran today for a while with some great running partners, Chandra and Kate. Kate powered up hills with a vengence and Chandra consistently picked away at the course. Overall, I finished after them and back of the pack, but the race couldn't have been any better. George won a Wicked Awesome Bradbury Series tote which he immediately gifted to me Yay me! And randomly, we swung into Edna and Lucy's and got Wicked Awesome Sandwiches.

Next up in this series is the Breaker.

Keep Dreaming!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Although today is Saturday, I find myself awake at my usual time. I feel excited for so many adventures coming up. Tomorrow is the start of the Bradbury Trail Running Series. It will be fun! The race tomorrow is a special one, as it is dedicated to Linda's son, Chris Douglass. I feel honored to be a part of it! I am fortunate to know of Chris' story through both Linda and Bethany. I've literally run/walked for miles with both of them and they have shared amazing stories and memories. It is truly incredible how one young person has connected with so many and truly left his mark on this wonderful place we call earth.

Next up will be the Vermont 100. I committed yesterday to volunteer at the Pretty House aid station from 6:30 to 10:30. I am really looking forward to this experience. Inspiration will be everywhere!

NYC will follow and George and I are again looking forward to the hustle and bustle and the big city exploring. I must say, I love New York. It's alot like trail running. We start our day early, walk for miles and miles with no real plan. We have a loose plan of the direction we are going to explore. Something always happens exciting along the way and we make food stops throughout our travel.

After that we will be attending a graduation party for my nephew. Seeing my fam will be fun, so much going on with all my nieces. Holly will be back from India and it will be a treat to hear all about it. She's great at narratives, so I am looking foward to her sharing her experiences. I secretly hope she brings me back a scarf.

On the crafting side, I am trying to figure out what to bring along with me to work on. Stitching, knitting...who knows. Hopefully I'll do my packing today. I have a couple of books I'm bringing along. Amazingly, I randomly found a book set in India. It's an Oprah Book Club book and I am sure I wouldn't have been drawn to it, if it wasn't for Holly's trip.

So, much dreaming going on in my world today. I think I'll sit here for a little longer, listening to the birds chirp and continue dreaming for awhile!

Keep Dreaming!


Keeping warm thoughts today for Val and Bruce.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dreaming of Bradbury and India

Because of the Monday holiday, I am working today! Instead of 10 hour days, though, I have been working 8 hours this week and it seems like each day flies, although I wouldn't want to go back to 5 (8) days! So today will go by fast I am sure! I am looking forward to running Bradbury on Sunday!

For my faithful followers, here is my niece's blog link,

I meant to post it earlier, but the week has just gone by so quick!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Loon Mtn.

A whole lot of hill and one shoe!

George and I set out early this morning to run the Loon Mountain Race. The Loon Mountain Race is 5.7 Miles to the summit of Loon Mountain. This is an ascent-only race. The race averages approximately a 10% grade with some sections of over 40%.

Conditions were perfect, 60's and a bit of rain. The first mile went by really quick. Although, I thought I remembered from doing it in the past, the whole race to be only uphill, there were some good downhills. I guess it's probably around mile 4 and the climb is really tough. I wonder if anyone runs it. I reached the top of the mountain and literally bumped into George who was finishing. George had a great race and said he felt great throughout the whole race.

At one point during the race, I remember literally praying to keep moving forward and up and at another point wondered if my progress up would be better on hands and knees and almost dropped to my knees to try. Looking back praying and on your knees do sort of go together. When the climb was just about unbearable, I could hear George yelling to me to keep going. He ran down and then dragged me up the steepest part and then pushed me to run the downhills. This turned out really well, as I was able to pass maybe 5 people. I finished the last killer little bump to the finish and we took the Gondola down. Since it was raining a bit and overcast, we grabbed a bagel and headed to the car. Due to the lack of oxygen to my brain, I must have left one shoe outside the car, because I came home with only one. Although, totally bummed, I'm glad I have another pair as back up. Running Bradbury next week with one shoe would certainly be a challenge. I've been thinking of trying the Inovs, maybe this will give me a good reason. I haven't been happy with any Asics for more than a couple of years, since they ''improved'' my favorite model. Since I figure, everything happens for a reason, I'm getting over it pretty quickly.

We stopped at the little farm store and again got strawberries and biscuits for a treat. An added bonus this time we also got the farm's lemonade. I do love that little store..I wished it was mine. There I go dreaming again!

So all and all, a great way to spend our day!

Timewise, back of the pack, but before at least 5 other people! :)

Keep dreaming!


3rd of July!

3rd of July!

Happy 3rd of July to my loyal readers and trail runners..oh yes, you are probably one of the same!

After a 6 mile run, I spent Friday getting together some stuff at one time I had to have, but no longer needed. My neighbor's daughter was having a yard sale and I joined her. Most of my stuff went and anything left over I brought down to the church for their White Elephant sale at the end of the month. I made about $70. Since we had so much fun, she's going to have another one in August. I'll start getting together some things now. It feels good to get rid of things. One girl bought quite a bit of my stuff saying she loved primitive things. She has an old house in Parsonsfield and she said everything would look great in her house. Since I was wanting things to go, I was selling everything cheap, cheap! She hoped I didn't regret selling some of it. It was funny, she asked me if I had a shop. Now that's sayin' I do have ''stuff''. I was so pleased it was going to a good home, where it would be well loved!

I better start getting ready. Off to Loon Mtn. this morning! It's only up from here! Have a great day!

Keep Dreaming!


My niece is off to India and has a blog for her students (she's a 4th grade teacher). I'll post a link later, it may be fun if you would like to follow her on her trip!