Friday, August 10, 2012

Caw Caw Lady

I got out quite a bit later this morning than a typical Friday.  After a fairly crazy work week, I must have needed to sleep.

It was over cast and it was quite humid.  I ran an over the other, up the hill and added the up and around.  Despite it being much later, I didn't see anyone until the near end when the ''Caw-Caw Lady'' rode by with her care taker person.

Seeing her always reminds me of the day while I was out running. She approached me that day and asked me some rather random questions and went off, cawing.  Just like that, ''caw-caw''.  At the time, the whole thing was a bit odd.  However, today as I continued on after seeing her, I thought about that day, heard the birds and thought, ''that was what she was doing, becoming part of the sounds around us.''  I smiled and thought, ''ummm, glad I figured that out!''

Just as I am typing this George said, ''it's a bird fest out there.''   Although, he has no idea what I am typing, that's kind of funny.

Hoping to tack on some longish tomorrow!

Hope you enjoy your day!

Keep dreaming!


mindy said...

Hope you're recovering from the work week! CAW CAW! (that's just weird...)!

Scout said...

I <3 the caw-caw lady. Weird and cool.
Even cooler that George had the bird theme covered.