Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The visibility wasn't great, but everything else was more than GREAT!!

I went to bed super duper early after a long day.  Knowing it was going to snow today, I knew I would be able to get up early to get out and run.  I didn't think it would be snowing already, but there seemed to be about 2 inches already.  Headlamp on and not over dressed, I headed out and it was beautiful.  I planned on only one up and around and pace, but did two because it was so beautiful out.  I lost the road twice and went off the side which made me laugh to myself.  Although so familiar was the run, I actually got disoriented a few times.  I thought my headlamp seemed super weak. When I got home, I realized it was caked with snow.  Overall, outstanding way to start the day!

George wasn't home when I returned.  He was heading out with a new recruit from the 'hood.  I smiled as I saw their footprints heading down the road as I was returning home.

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy some spring snow running today...it truly doesn't get any better.  By the way, I really love the Snokas for the snow running.  I haven't had to use screws all year.

Thankful to be able to sign on from home today.

Keep dreaming!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Two little spiders

I saw two little spiders on my run today.  At  two separate times, I looked down and saw a little spider spidering it's way somewhere.  I wondered where they came from and where they were going and really how did they get there.  I guess they could be just like me, out for a run, really going no where in particular.

Crunching along was challenging but nice.  I heard some crunching behind me as I was finishing up.  I thought to myself,  I know those crunches.  Happy to finish up with my Georgie Boy!!

Hope you have a day with some time of really going no where in particular!

Keep dreaming!