Monday, January 7, 2013

simply be well

I bought some body wash over the weekend that touted herbal well being and to relax and unwind at the end of the day.  I really didn't read all that, but was enticed by the clean lettering on the bottle and the price was good.  I took off the little tag before I put it in the bathroom and kept the tag to read later.  I like to look up companies and check out their philosophy.  The little tag caught my eye as a diddled in between getting ready to go out.  It read, ''simply be well.''

Since I've had a cold since the day after Christmas, this thought, ''simply be well'' was my mantra and all consuming thoughts as I ran on Sunday.  Still not up to par, it doesn't seem possible but this quite possibly may have been my only run since Christmas.  I can't remember.  While most romped through the beautiful surroundings we've experienced since Christmas, days have passed me by.  Getting out shuffling along in my Snokas and then to meet up with George for a romp through the trails was certainly more than appreciated by me.  Today, I resumed my early morning out and did a bit, just a little bit of snowshoeing. 

It feels great to hopefully be shaking this thing.  A big part of that super plan to simply be well both physically and mentally includes running.  So great to have at it!

Hope your days are including a plan to simply be well!

Keep dreaming!