Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Picking my corner ala Xar

Since Haliburton continues to swirl in my head, I will start there and try to move around in no particular order.  There were so many adventures I have to unload to get ready for 2014.

The road to Haliburton was indeed paved with Trail Monsters.  As each couple and car from Maine drove, I visualized us all making the trek together. I posted on FB, ''The road to Haliburton is paved with TM's.''  Mindy let me know via FB that Pete liked that one, so I knew he was driving and Mindy was reporting as I was with George.  Val at one point asked where we were in VT and reported back that they were pretty close.  So, I also knew she was reporting while Rick drove.  So there we all were, apart, but together.  We drove along and periodically checked texts and postings as connection allowed excitedly updating each other of where we were as we made our way.  We drove and drove, past where would have turned in memories gone by to Jay Peak. It seemed suddenly, we got a text telling us we were about to hit the Canadian border and offering to upgrade the phone.  At this point, the phone was shut off and we slowly drove to the border.  Having never traveled into Canada via car or since 9/11, it was the first major step into the unknown of the trip.  I must admit I was a bit nervous.  It seemed like hitting the border was as if we were going into to some big castle. To me the highway widened and it seemed like it was really clean and open.,, almost royal.  I was waiting for Kate Middleton and Baby George to come out and greet us or at least wave from above the booth.  I know, I know..wrong country, but that's what my mind thought.  As we approached we took out our passports as we  had them ready miles ahead of time.  We stopped, he, the serious border guard checked them out asked us what we were traveling for, if we had any fire arms and after answering for a race and no, he entered some stuff into a computer and we proceeded through.  We got through the first adventure. 

We drove along,  noticing signs had changed to French and miles to K's.  I found myself constantly doing math trivia in my head.  I never would have realized the car tracked speed in K's.  The drive was maybe 10-11 hours.  We began to notice we were getting closer, I even seemed to realize at one intersection we seemed close as I had done a little bit of searching for fun things to look for along the way.  We decided to pull over so Jedi could get his bearings straight as we were definitely in the area.  Low and behold as we pulled over, we were right in front of a little shop, The Old Tin Shed, I had ''liked'' on FB.  I excitedly asked George if it would be ok if I ran in.  The little shop was not to disappoint.  I loved everything and my eyes couldn't take it in fast enough.  I had to focus on something to find and concentrated on a small area that had some neat never seen by me before jewelry. I bought a little ring that was engraved with the word, ''Dream'' was perfect.

I paid for my purchase with Canadian funds and received the change back in Canadian funds which enabled me to ask for an education in the currency.  I thought one of the coins was a ''tute'', only to realize the store person had said two..I somehow still like to think of it as ''tute'' in my head.  I asked about a winery I had also searched out online that seemed as though it was right up the road.  The store person, said she had never been up there...odd...guess she didn't venture out much or didn't like wine or maybe it was just a tourist thing.

We drove along and soon we found the winery.  This little shop had described their operation as wine from the own harvests which sounded really cool.  As described in the customer feedback, the shop owner was very generous with samples.  I had to stop sampling as we had eaten little throughout the day and I could feel the samples.  Jedi continued sampling and asking questions and having a grand time discussing wines.  We left with 4 bottles.

Scout had rented a house for us to stay in.  We entered the little town of Haliburton.  I was immediately in love.  The house was perfectly situated just atop of town. Yes, just ''atop".  We drove up a little road and found it easily.  The little set back ranch looked perfect.  We followed the directions to unlock the secret code to our little Haliburton Home and we were in.  Jedi followed some directions to turn on power and water or something in basement while I spied around.  We put our bags in one of the bedroom, but didn't unpack in case someone else wanted that bedroom.  Jedi tried to call Scout, although we had no phone plan.  He left a message I am sure for some Canadian Scout out there, but they were all soon to arrive.

Pete and Jedi got the indoor pizza oven/wood heat thing going and we were soon toasty and settling in.  We were all hungry and decided to go out for supper.  Right in the center of the tiny main street were two restaurants.  We opted for the one the left, not the Irish Pub on the right.  I immediately loved it from the outside as it was on second floor and in looking up through the windows it looked neat inside and it was.  We ordered, chicken fingers of course for me and I think they were the best I've ever eaten.  We all got the Canadian on tap...really yum and so festive as we all toasted the start to the journey!  Love once again both the Canadian, good friends and the chicken fingers!

The next day, Jedi and I woke early as we always do and Scout was up as she didn't sleep because she forgot her fan and we headed out to get coffee at a shop we remembered seeing the day before when we explored looking for the winery.  It was Friday and the little shop was buzzing with the hustle and bustle of customers.  I remember thinking everyone seemed so happy as they lined up to get their before work coffee and breakfast.  The line moved quickly.  It was customer appreciation day and all size coffee's were $1.00.  Again, I was in love!  The little donut/coffee shop was picture perfect.  We brought back coffee and soda for Squirrel and a breakfast sammie for Rick.

Everyone was powered by coffee and breakfast we decided Scout needed a fan and we needed to do some grocery shopping for the crew.  The trip to the Foodland was also so much fun.  We all scurried around searching for ''stuff'' and we would pass each other along the way.  I found myself a little burlap tote as a rememberance of the fun and to feed by tote bag addiction.  We somehow were fascinated with the milk in a bag and Scout, Squirrel and myself made a trip over to the dairy section to view it.  Our grocery purchases were packed into boxes...I'm not really sure they even had bags. I loved this little shopping adventure.

We then went looking for said Scout fan.  We thought the Bargain Shop would have one and Scout and I ran over there.  Since it was past fan season they had none.  I remember feeling a bit sad being this store.  The people shopping there seemed like they shopped in the Bargain Store regularly, but I found the prices not to be bargain prices.  We then went across the street to a hardware store.  The store was definitely set back in time and carried just about everything.  Scout and I both admitted we could spend forever in a hardware store.  The fan was found put in the car and we all decided to walk down to the coffee shop.  The town was an idealistic small town..again Love!  As we walked down a slight incline I looked to the left and saw a nice little library just past the little bridge walkway.  I glanced behind me and Pete had his arm around Sqirrel, Bruce and Scout were holding hands..everyone seemed to be just smiling and taking it all in.  As I glanced forward..I saw it..THE BUNKIE!

(Sorry, haven't made it past the first day...and no running...but need to post to get with it!)

Hope you have a day filled with unexpected surprises!

Keep Dreaming!