Monday, July 23, 2012

Who doesn't like a little cowbell ?

This weekend was amazing!

We headed out to VT, George was running the VT100.  He had some business to finish.  Luckily he had Super Pacer with him to get the deed done.   Val would be crucial in this task.  He shared with me some on the way home and said, ''that isn't even the half of it'',  but that is his and her tale to tell.

We stayed at a neat B&B about 1/2 mile down the road from Camp 10 Bear.  I had an outstanding spot to see runners twice.  I saw them as they were coming up from their first stop at Camp 10 Bear (47ish miles maybe) and heading down to their second check in at Camp 10 Bear (70 miles).  I had an elaborate plan to hang George's TMR shirt between two post, have cocktails to offer non runner peeps that may come by and ring my Pineland Farm cowbell.  The only success of this plan was the cowbell.  Boy do people love a good cowbell when they are heading up a decent hill in the heat of the day.  I got all sorts of comments about more cowbell and people were smiling and thanking me for the support.  100 milers are an interesting breed and all seemed to enjoy a good cowbell. 

It was super fun to be in this ideal location to see up close this amazing event unfolding!!  And even more amazing, it was the exact first point the 100 mile leaders would cross paths with other runners!  Totally beyond words, but a moment in time (like many others of this weekend) I will never forget!

The Trail Monsters totally rocked it with outstanding and beyond dream races.  The TMR performances were not only of those running (beyond words amazing), but of the dedication of those supporting the runners. They each have incredible stories to tell of the 2 days. I had beyond great fun spending time with Val and Xar, they are very special people.   George treated us to dinner, although he couldn't attend as he was probably at mile 60 and dining on Gu.  I hadn't thought about food and was starving.  Val and Xar needed some nourishment before they took on their pacer duties and were also starving, so we headed out for some eats. Val made Big Brad tee-shirts to wear as they paced.  It was fun, we looked like triplets with our Big Brad tee-shirts on as we headed into town.  I am also so thankful for Ryan. He made me laugh so hard, but reassured me that every little thing was gonna be alright.  The accounts of his few days, are something you just can't imagine, but again, his tale to tell.

As I sit here typing this post, I am smiling and tearing up at the same time. My head is totally reeling from all the amazingness.  Amazing weekend, amazing people, amazing fun!

More cowbell anyone?  Oh ya!

Keep dreaming!

summer dress/tmr tech tee/crocs/cowbell

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Sparkplug said...

Ann, love hearing your take on the weekend, and can't wait to hear the tales from the rest of the gang! Wish I had been there in person to witness all the amazing accomplishments by both runners and their supporters, but I was there in spirit :-)