Monday, July 2, 2012

Feeling Good!

After a day of not feeling well..everything ached..from a sore throat to every joint hurting, today I feel good.  I went out for a brisk pre dawn walk, itsy, bitsy run.  It looks like it's going to be a nice day!!

George is already out and about running and he went past me as he headed home for a bio break.  I'm really feeling good as he has a pacer for VT!!!!  It all just happened like it was so meant to be Friday night.  While at the Team Burphy celebration, Val became his pacer.  I cannot explain how good this makes me feel...he is truly in the best Super Pacer hands.

Have a good day everyone..I know I will!

Keep Dreaming!


mindy said...

Glad you're feeling better Ann! And yes, George has a pretty excellent pacer!!

Scout said...

I just clicked on your blog post, "To Think or Not To Think" and the internet told me "the page you're looking at does not exist"!!! Now that will make you think :D