Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blue Skies and Blueberries

I got out this morning  at about 5 or 5:30 returning a bit after 7 for a nice 2 or so hour run.  I will start to use my garmin soon so I'm able to see my distance, but for now I am happy just running.  The garmin is the necessary evil at least for a few runs.

The skies were blue and the trails were lined with blueberries, it was a beautiful morning.

Someone else was out, he was putting his boat in and on the way back it looked as though he was doing some fishing.

I ran some of my BL.  I tend to like to go into the trails through a dirt road which seems like it may or may not be some one's driveway.  I know during the winter the owner educated me as to where the trail was and I notice they have piled up some sand maybe to block one such trail runner. Oh well, I wasn't spotted and it provided a little bit of danger not to get caught. 

I was hoping to run into George along the way, I left before him, but other than few shoe prints, I didn't see him.

Looking forward to a fun day!  Enjoy everyone!  It's a beauty!

Keep Dreaming!

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unstrung said...

It must be gorgeous so early in the morning. I am enjoying it vicariously.