Friday, July 6, 2012

Spider Web

I got out early.  It was the best of both worlds.  It wasn't too dark, but I could see the moon and some stars.  As I finished up it was daylight.

As I left the house, George said, ''watch out for wild animals.'' I immediately started out with Joe W's story of the skunk on the course at the Western States in my head.  Of course, this tends to be my fear, getting sprayed by a skunk or attacked by a fox.  At one point, I imagined a moose was out and about, but it seemed to be just the sounds of a duck or or two.   I was just settling into a zone and I ran through a spider web as I crossed over the dam.  What a weird unexpected feeling that was, totally unexpected.  I just ruined a spider's night shift work in the matter of 2 seconds.  So strange.

I decided I would do the up around twice in a row, instead of leaving it to the tail end, so I wouldn't be tempted to skip it.  This worked well,I  hardly remember doing it the second time.

Another beauty of a day!


Keep Dreaming!

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mindy said...

I'd say your web reaction was empathy from one "knitter" to another! :)

Annie said...

Love that Mindy!