Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Over the Other and Up and Around X 2

I stuck with the plan of tacking a bit on each run and it was a good choice.  Combined with my still no thinking it was a really great run. 

I know there are days when thinking needs to be done to work through brain creaks, but why go there when there are no nagging creaks, body or mind.  So thinkingless today was great.  When my mind started to wander, I focused on BB, Belly Breathing and thought be gone!  A great refreshing run, 'over the other and up and around twice.'.

Happy 4th! 

Keep dreaming!

tt/cs/inovs/hat/sunglasses/bug spray


mindy said...

Love this!!!

Annie said...

Thanks Mindy for your support! I've been crocheting a bit, so now corn and a crochet needle have me thinking of you!