Saturday, December 22, 2012

What do you have in your hands now?

After diddling around far to long this morning, I got out for a run.  Pep is still among the missing, but it was really nice out.  Surprisingly, the lake was high, so I circled back and used the awesome new bridge the snowmobilers built.

While running up the hill, a car passed me and stopped on their way heading down.  They said to me, ''we thought you might wonder why we were driving up your street.''  I told them I wasn't. I went on to explain, '' I live on the other side and I figured you were looking at the house for sale up there.''  Don't ask me why I felt the need to explain, but I did. In my head,  I had already figured it out and didn't really need to know anything else.  They explained to me they thought people maybe looking for answers from God because of the recent events and handed me a pamphlet.  I took it and was interested to see if it did have the answers.  I anxiously read it while I continued on, disappointed to find no answers but an advertisement to buy a book from their religious organization.

I continued to ponder and read as I ran still hoping I would find something.  I heard George call out to me, ''what do you have in your hands now?''  He got home from work as I was out and must changed quickly and got out.  I told him what I had and told him to beware, they were going to get him too.  We decided his response would be he didn't need the paper or any answers because he was a Jedi.  He didn't end up seeing them.

Onward and upward.

Keep dreaming.


unstrung said...

Ha!! Awesome story. Too bad the pamphlet/advert didn't have all the answers because I've been wondering what they might be. Oh well, maybe next run you will find (or be handed) all the answers. :>

Scout said...

They stayed away because the Jedi kept them away with his mind!

When I saw the title, I hoped you found a new treasure. Sorry, it was a pamphlet with no answers :(

Amy Tobalske said...

Hey Ann,

Some lady gave me a similar pamphlet while I was working at the library the other day. I checked out her books and she handed it to me. I should of told her I find my answers on my "long runs". That would of got her thinking.