Saturday, December 1, 2012


George convinced me not to set my alarm last night which was I good move. When I'm not working, I need to remember if I'm sleeping a bit later, I must need it.

I had a short window of time to get out and run.  Christmas Craft Fairs were waiting for me. 

It felt great to be out.  Since my focus was running, not much dreaming occurred.  I hit the start of a few snowflakes and at one point looked down and was happily surprised to see tiny white snowflakes against my black pants and red fleece.  It made me so happy!

Right after that moment of happiness, I heard a little grunt and a tiny pugish, probably bulldog was at my heels.  A flash of a second happening, but in my mind for some reason, I saw him run off with a tiny Santa hat on his head.  Of course, this wasn't the case, but that was my dreaming moment.

Totally grateful for stepping out the door to a happy world!

Wishing you all a the same!  Happy Dec 1st!

Keep dreaming!

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Scout said...

So funny you mentioned craft fairs. On the way to Brad this morning, I saw a craft fair sign. I thought to myself, "I bet Ann would turn off for it." I was curious, but kept on track to Brad.