Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Then there were no stars

I got out this morning early.  It was quite dark.  I figured it was cloudy.  Half way through my run I looked up and there were stars.  What a nice surprise.  As I ended my run, they were gone, so guessing it is cloudy now!

Temp was awesome as was the run.  After a Tree Trimming weekend of family and friends in MA, it was nice to get out this morning to peace and stillness.  We were sad to miss the TMR event and miss all that awesomeness, but yesterday ended in the excitement of the MMT lottery drawing with George, Ian, Bob and Tom Page getting in.  It's exciting to see everyone getting excited and training for events once again.

Wishing you a day of lucky stars!  As they say this time of year, Believe.

Keep dreaming.

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