Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Following a Jedi

Although I got up super early, I went to bed super early, so all was well.  I signed on a bit and worked and headed out around 4:30.  I was pleased George's work schedule allowed him to run with me this morning.

The beam on the head lamp is great and I kept him in my field of vision the whole run.  The air was crisp, the run was great!  The last half mile, he said, ''hang tough and run it in strong.''  I did exactly  that!  I'm thankful for a bit of speed work and of course his company in the dark, along with him not letting me dilly dally.  Luckily we were back before what seemed to be an earthquake.

Have a great day and remember to hang tough throughout your day.  You'll be a better person for it!

Keep dreaming!


mindy said...

Hung tough today Ann - you inspired me!

Scout said...

Being led by a Jedi, pretty cool! I'd have picked you guys for the cutest couple except for the puking part.

pathfinder said...

Jedi is pretty lucky to have his wife and running partner all wrapped up in one neat little pachage.....and yes, one can learn how to hang tough with George as an example..