Saturday, October 6, 2012

Trash Run

CMP was out during the week tree trimming. So with things trimmed back it was quite noticable as I ran that I need to do a trash run some day.  I thought about this for most of my run as I was noticing cans and such along the dirt road on the other side.    As I was heading back from ''over the other'',  I  paused to look at the foliage and this rusted and crushed up wire fence or something to see if I could see an image of something in it.  As I was focusing on the wire thingie, I noticed this other wire/metal thing and thought maybe it was a power line something or other.  I looked closer and saw quite the find and of course it needed to come home with me.

Throughout the rest of the run as a carried my treasure with me, I kept looking behind, as I knew at any time, George would come upon me and be shaking his head.  And just as expected, he did and said, ''I'm not saying anything.''  I'll post a pic once I have have it all cleaned up.  It's really a pretty nice brass log carrier and with some imagination has TM footings.  Of course, I'll use it as a wool carrier.  :)

The run about was good, but the trash couldn't have gotten any better!

Hope your day is trashy, in a good way!

Keep dreaming!


Scout said...

Love your loot! I like to pick up goodies, but don't think I've ever brought anything that big, or good, home :D

Sparkplug said...

Ann, that is awesome! I can just see little you carrying that big old wood carrier home along the road, and George just shaking his head and smiling when he came upon you :-) Love it!

mindy said...

Ann!! I have that EXACT same log carrier! Fished it out of my parents stuff they were getting rid of. Hmmm, I think i'll make mine a wool carrier now.... :D