Monday, October 29, 2012

Candle in the window

Songwriter: JOHN C. FOGERTY
Put a candle in the window, but I feel I've got to move.
Though I'm going, going, I'll be coming home soon,
'Long as I can see the light.

The house was pretty cranked up due to George stoking up the wood stove before he left for work, so I had no idea what the temp or weather was like outside.  For fun, I put a candle in the window prior to leaving in case the wind and rain made it hard to see my way home.

It was quite beautiful out.  Temp actually seemed warmish with a cool not sure if it were rain sprinkles or fog.  Along with a small consistent wind, the perfect conditions for a relaxing run.  I no longer fear the darkness, I've just learned to not think about it.  But today, although the moon wasn't visible, it did seem not so dark, there was a calm lightness.

Enjoyable run!

Keep dreaming!


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