Friday, October 19, 2012

Seeing Beyond

I was happy to get out this morning to do a peaceful run.  I was looking forward to the run, but was even more inspired to get out after reading Pathfinder's post this morning.  I was also determined not to get spooked in the dark. 

It was really dark and foggy.  But I accomplished my goal by just trying not to see beyond.  I happily ran living in the moment, enjoying the present and really not searching for anything out the dark.  If something was going to come eat me, so be it.  I was so in that meditative state a few times I really got disoriented.  It was kind of cool in a weird so of way as I chose it not to be scary.  Overall, a really great run and just what I needed.

Excitement this weekend.  The BBU!!!  So I gotta get ready now as George and I are heading over to help with pre-race prep!!

Hope you all have a beyond great day!

Keep dreaming!

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unstrung said...

Nice work powering through the fear with the determination. Inspiring. And thanks for your BBU volunteering efforts. So exciting that it's tomorrow... see you there!