Monday, October 1, 2012

Fresh Air, Times Square

I really appreciate the still dark morning fresh air.  I guess I really, really enjoy night running or at least running in the dark.

After settling back from the world wind NY tour, I surprisingly notice how much the trees have changed in the course of the week.  Although ''I love New York'', it feels so great to breathe crisp Maine air.

It's back at it today, so I got up early and did a quick up and around and Pace.  I saw two little eyes towards the end and I wasn't phased at all. I was so happy to be out. There's just something about having the world to yourself!  Although, I couldn't see the moon, it didn't seem so dark, maybe those city lights are still in my brain.

Have a great day!

Keep dreaming!

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unstrung said...

Blogger may have eaten my comment but I loved your VC report, and I love this entry as well. Mmm, chilly early Maine mornings...