Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blinded by the light..

I got out this morning, a tiny tad later than I wanted.  The powers of FB had connected me with a couple of friends from way back and I wanted to respond to their messages.  FB is amazing, but it also often makes me face real life at times and hear but not quite understand that bad things do happen to good people.

I did my up and around and Pace.  While doing pace a car drove by me.  In my head, I did know it was the paper delivery person, but I took precautions by heading into a driveway.  I also ran into my neighbor going to work and his headlights blinded me.  So a bit of obstacle coursing this morning.  I also saw a tiny, tiny pair of shiny eyes...this made me smile today!

The moon is amazing.  When the cloud cover moved, the lightness around me was quite noticeable.  I looked up as much as a could without coming to a halt, the sky was amazing.  It just spoke Fall.  Ahhh...so nice.

OK, time to start another day..well, I still have 14 minutes to dream.

I hope you enjoy a beautiful Maine Fall day!

Keep dreaming!


unstrung said...

Ahh, morning... The same beauty that stops you in your tracks is the one that keeps you going. <3

Annie said...

I keep re-reading this comment..I love it!