Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blinking Lights

I was super excited to get up this morning and use the new head lamp George ordered through REI.  It had the blinking light in the back just like Scout's.  Although I really didn't need to have the back blinkers on, I put them on for the fun of it.

As soon as I was out, I realized it was really dark this morning.  The headlight worked great as far as the beam, but I wished I had worn my glasses so I could see as far as the beam was shining. 

I crossed over the lake and immediately saw blinking little lights.   Was it actual lights or little eyes.  I couldn't tell and then realized they were some sort of eyes.  Were they darting towards me, I couldn't tell. I high tailed it back, feeling like I was running madly while I kept glancing back to make sure it wasn't after me.  I continued on and continued to see little eyes everywhere.  I soon wished in addition to the back blinking lights the headlamp had some little warning sound to scare little eyes away from me.  I then wondered if my, ''in case I get lost at the Bruiser whistle'' would have made me feel more secure. 

Towards the end of my run, I finally decided like Squirrel had plotted about ''ice pants'', I would invent an attachment for the headlamp like an old school transistor radio.  If only an ipod could make outside sound, I think that would work.  Something small and with sound surely would scare away those little blinking lights.

Well at least I got out, but I can't say it was the most relaxing run ever.

It's surprisingly warm out, so enjoy your day!

Keep dreaming!


pathfinder said...

It is amazing how many animals are out there and they become well known when running with a head lamp. I have been running Saturday mornings at 4:30 am from lunchbreak hill and it is kind of scary at first when running alone but after a half hour or so not so bad. Though I did almost get tripped last Saturday by a pair of porcupines crossing in front of me!!

Scout said...

It's amazing what the mind can do with little lights or sounds in the dark, when you're alone. I have to convince myself I'm not a weeny, but actually brave to be out there; most aren't :D