Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tarcing it on a Classically Spring Day!

We  signed up for the Spring Classic with an amazing ''thank you'' from TARC for volunteering at the TARC100.  Pretty cool they recognize their volunteers with such a gracious offer.

It was really great to be running the trails in Weston on such a beautiful sunny day.  Experiencing dry trail conditions to say the least was a treat, but to have bridges over the beloved mud pits even better.

It was a steady forward motion for me, with a few overwhelming feelings of  ''how great is this'' thrown in for a really nice day.

I enjoyed spending time with Tami, Mandy and had a great time chatting with Laurie while she waited for Martin and I waited for the Jedi.  It's always fun to see the GAC'ers enjoying the trails and others we typically see at the events.  So many good times!

A great way to spend a Saturday and the start of a new season!

Hoping your day was full of smiles and trails!

Keep dreaming!

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Sparkplug said...

Awesome! Glad you had fun out there!