Thursday, April 9, 2015

I've missed you Microspikes

It's really been the last week or so I've run without microspikes.  It has seemed so strange to run without them.

I woke up and thought it was raining and cold.  Until just before heading out, I looked out and I realized it was snowing and a few inches of snow at that.  For good measure after consulting with The Jedi, I wore my microspikes.  It felt natural once again to run with them.  However, that only lasted a short time.  With the snow being wet, it clunked all up on the microspikes.  Oh well, embrace what is..and that was that is was absolutely beautiful out.  As I sorted through stuff in my head that woke me up super early, it was all great.

Wishing you a day of embracing what is and hoping it is all great!

Keep dreaming!

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