Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pumping up the Flats

Since Pineland I've had zero energy.  I jokingly have been using George's trekking poles to walk.  What started as a joke the day after Pineland has become sort of fun, but I've just been walking with them.  I decided this morning I've had enough and was going to run.  It was still a bit dark, although I didn't need a headlamp, I put on my street shoes because I didn't want to attempt crossing the lake to the other side.  Although it was just a mini street romp, it was the start back.

Keep dreaming!

long sleeve tech t, street shoes, capris
no rain/wet


unstrung said...

trekking poles! why didn't i think of that??
glad you're feeling runnerish again.

mindy said...

Sounds like the perfect recovery. All this rain made for lots of good inside cozy knittery projects I bet!