Friday, June 8, 2012

Love Train

Certainly not Jethro Tull, but I can't resist a good dose of Love Train. 

I did a mini, itsy bitsy, just teeny of my SC training BL.  I love how the trails can change in a matter of days.  I loved seeing green, lots of it, cracked both blue and white little birdie shells, puddles, some mud and glimmers of the sun.  I was able to work through some body and mind creaks.  It felt good.  I needed to get lost in some thoughts and dreams.  Still pumping up the flats, but starting to think about new training plans...maybe it's time to print down a plan.

Keep dreaming!

long sleeve tech,  skirt


Scout said...

I'm with you; I love how the trails can be so different day to day...or even just in the opposite direction :D

mindy said...

Love that you're posting regularly Ann! p.s. the orange background makes it a little tough to read sometimes (or maybe it's my tired Squirrel eyes...) but i love the colors!

Annie said...

Thanks for the feedback Mindy! I haven't played around with it since the beginning....I'll try to spruce up a tad. :)