Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time to Fly

For me just putting on Hokas is fun.  Seeing the Time to Fly on the inner sole really makes me smile.  Their marshmallow goodness is just down right cheery. 

I went for a jaunt over the other and up the hill.  Blazed in orange, I look forward to tomorrow to go longer. Even though I stay on the dirt roads and pray the hunters around practice safety, it's just too easy I feel to be over zealous.

As I type, I hear multiple shots.  As I was heading back from my run, I also heard a rapid succession of shots.  I have mixed feelings about hunting, but could only think with sadness, ''time to fly little deer, time to fly.''

Wishing y'all a safe run filled with goodness!

Keep dreaming!

1 comment:

unstrung said...

Flying is mighty fine. You digging the shoes? And, yeah - wear that orange!