Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peaceful Slog

I got up and out super early and it was pitch dark.  I had no idea the temp, could be warm, could be cold, so I dressed in between.  It was quite warm, but every once in awhile there was a really strong, nice wind.  I really was overdressed.

I've been Hokaing along, getting used to the feel.  No real distance and today was an up around and Pace slog.  The feet felt great, it's amazing the big shoes are so light.  They seem to fit great, it's just different.  At times, in the dark I knew I was moving, but it did take some effort to get from here to there and back here. I thought maybe I should be giving it a little more effort. It was a slog.  But it was peaceful and I did it.

Have a great day whatever you find yourself slogging through.  Some days are just meant for slogging!

Keep dreaming!

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unstrung said...

I love how they are so light even in hugeness. My footprints in snow next to Squirrel's prints were pretty funny looking! Are your feet feeling better in them?