Sunday, September 2, 2012

And then there was cake...

A day full of friends, running and chocolate cake..does it get any better?

And we won't speak of the ''O'' trail, ok?

TM's were all over Bradbury yesterday running a variety of miles and each having their own story of battle with the ''O'' trail!

Congrats to Unstrung, Scout and Squirrel for their extreme Bada$$ness.  Fun day and chocolate cake!  Yay for FA Birthday's!!!

Keep dreaming!


unstrung said...

I am so totally renaming it "Fit as a Fiddle 50+k" for next year. :D Thanks so much again for the great day, was so happy to have Alexions there!!!

mindy said...

Loved seeing you Annie, especially crocheting that beautiful blanket. The cake was so perfect (and yummy)!