Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Although today is Saturday, I find myself awake at my usual time. I feel excited for so many adventures coming up. Tomorrow is the start of the Bradbury Trail Running Series. It will be fun! The race tomorrow is a special one, as it is dedicated to Linda's son, Chris Douglass. I feel honored to be a part of it! I am fortunate to know of Chris' story through both Linda and Bethany. I've literally run/walked for miles with both of them and they have shared amazing stories and memories. It is truly incredible how one young person has connected with so many and truly left his mark on this wonderful place we call earth.

Next up will be the Vermont 100. I committed yesterday to volunteer at the Pretty House aid station from 6:30 to 10:30. I am really looking forward to this experience. Inspiration will be everywhere!

NYC will follow and George and I are again looking forward to the hustle and bustle and the big city exploring. I must say, I love New York. It's alot like trail running. We start our day early, walk for miles and miles with no real plan. We have a loose plan of the direction we are going to explore. Something always happens exciting along the way and we make food stops throughout our travel.

After that we will be attending a graduation party for my nephew. Seeing my fam will be fun, so much going on with all my nieces. Holly will be back from India and it will be a treat to hear all about it. She's great at narratives, so I am looking foward to her sharing her experiences. I secretly hope she brings me back a scarf.

On the crafting side, I am trying to figure out what to bring along with me to work on. Stitching, knitting...who knows. Hopefully I'll do my packing today. I have a couple of books I'm bringing along. Amazingly, I randomly found a book set in India. It's an Oprah Book Club book and I am sure I wouldn't have been drawn to it, if it wasn't for Holly's trip.

So, much dreaming going on in my world today. I think I'll sit here for a little longer, listening to the birds chirp and continue dreaming for awhile!

Keep Dreaming!


Keeping warm thoughts today for Val and Bruce.

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