Sunday, July 3, 2011

3rd of July!

3rd of July!

Happy 3rd of July to my loyal readers and trail runners..oh yes, you are probably one of the same!

After a 6 mile run, I spent Friday getting together some stuff at one time I had to have, but no longer needed. My neighbor's daughter was having a yard sale and I joined her. Most of my stuff went and anything left over I brought down to the church for their White Elephant sale at the end of the month. I made about $70. Since we had so much fun, she's going to have another one in August. I'll start getting together some things now. It feels good to get rid of things. One girl bought quite a bit of my stuff saying she loved primitive things. She has an old house in Parsonsfield and she said everything would look great in her house. Since I was wanting things to go, I was selling everything cheap, cheap! She hoped I didn't regret selling some of it. It was funny, she asked me if I had a shop. Now that's sayin' I do have ''stuff''. I was so pleased it was going to a good home, where it would be well loved!

I better start getting ready. Off to Loon Mtn. this morning! It's only up from here! Have a great day!

Keep Dreaming!


My niece is off to India and has a blog for her students (she's a 4th grade teacher). I'll post a link later, it may be fun if you would like to follow her on her trip!

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