Friday, March 1, 2013

Two little spiders

I saw two little spiders on my run today.  At  two separate times, I looked down and saw a little spider spidering it's way somewhere.  I wondered where they came from and where they were going and really how did they get there.  I guess they could be just like me, out for a run, really going no where in particular.

Crunching along was challenging but nice.  I heard some crunching behind me as I was finishing up.  I thought to myself,  I know those crunches.  Happy to finish up with my Georgie Boy!!

Hope you have a day with some time of really going no where in particular!

Keep dreaming!


Scout said...

<3 spiders! And love that you spotted the little guys. I often warn people not to hurt my spiders. See you sunday?

Jeremy Bonnett said...