Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Picture Pretty

I woke up at  my usual time, so I had extra time as I was working from home. I read Squirrel's blog..(hi Squirrel!) At 4:13 am, I ran out the door for a quick up and around and Pace.

The first thing I saw as I stepped out the door was the moon, it was beautiful!  Since we saw a fox the other day sniffing around the perimeter of our yard, I decided to just run as fast as I could so I didn't obsess about the fox getting me.  I was smart and put on my glasses thinking in my head they were super sonic vision glasses that would help me to spot anything that may be out there.

The run was outstanding, the world picture perfect.  So good!

Hope your day allows you to glimpse at the moon.

Keep dreaming!

p.s.  Special Shout out to Scout...thinking of you each day!!

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Scout said...

:-D I feel your vibes :-D