Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long Weekend, Run and Knit

Long Weekend, Run and Knit

I hope taking today off finds me running long(ish) and enjoying time knitting.

I will be ''attempting'' another snowshoe race Sunday and a bit of new snow predicted for tomorrow, perfect! This race is 5 miles. The previous race was 4.25 and was a nice challenge! For me personally, race isn't quite the right word, rather I think of it as another finish. The last finish found me ''not quite'' last...thankfully my only competitor took a tumble, so I was able to comfortably come in before him. I guess I should have helped him or at least asked him if he was alright, but hey, I had to stay focused. All and all a fun day, outstanding challenge and people. I also won a gift certificate to Frontier in the after race raffle.

I am planning to vist a knitting event in Freeport in hopes of purchasing some sort of unique local yarn!

Keep dreaming!


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vja said...

oh, I think this needs to be more regular : )