Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Candle Mat and some snow

Another Candle Mat and some snow

I finished one of my own design candle mats. I will ask G to take a picture later and post the picture. I think it came out pretty good! It is snowing today. It is a pretty little dusting. I went out for a run, hoping to do 6 miles, but I didn't realize there was so much ice, so had to cut it short. I should have worn my sneakers with the spikes. Still making a comeback from not feeling the best. Because of the snow prediction we decided to not do the race in Freeport today. Just as well as far as I am concerned, as my energy level is still down a tad.

I hit a couple of Christmas fairs yesterday. Nothing too great, although I did manage to spend some money...'tis the season!

That's all for now!

Keep dreaming!


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